So you have babies?

Well you've come to the right place!

Being a parent is wild. In a split second your life goes from no care in the world to revolving around these tiny humans you love more than life itself. It's exhausting, fun, chaotic. The days are long but the years are short. Before you know it another year has come and gone. You have memories but they fade; you forget the tiny quirks your kids have as they grow up, the funny faces they make and the crazy bedtime rituals you have. Let me document that to forever preserve these moments that go by way too quick.

It's not about you being anything other than yourselves. I come in as an honest (and interactive) observer. I have two sons, I get how stressful it can be to think about preparing for a photoshoot. Don't think too hard. Just be. Let them run, let them laugh, let them climb all over you and mess up your hair. This is life, this is what you will remember and cherish as you get older. These are the photos your kids will look at with you year after year and see how big they got. These moments are priceless.

these tiny moments that make up your life

hand holding, belly laughs, running between your legs, cuddles on the bed, bath time, tiny toes, first teeth, big inquisitive eyes, endless hugs, breastfeeding, tickle attacks, first steps, running barefoot, snack time, arm naps.

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