Workshops & Mentoring

I think education is something that should never stop, no matter what discipline you’re in or how old you are. Before becoming a photographer I was fortunate to teach at the university level and it’s something I’ve always been passionate about. I’ve also had the privilege of teaching a college photography course and guest speaking at other workshops while running my own successful photography business and I want to share what I’ve learned to help others.

Skype Mentor Session


Done from the comfort of your own home, my 2 hour Skype mentor sessions are designed for those interested in improving a specific part of their business. Topics that are often covered:

– Blogging, SEO & Social Media
– Attracting the right clients for you
– Branding & Marketing
– Improving Workflow
– Pricing & Contracts
– Stock Photography & Supplementing Income

Lightroom Editing Mentor Session


I usually ask for 10-15 RAW file images so I can demonstrate how I would edit them and I go over:
– Applying presets
– Adjusting contrast, highlights and shadows
– Sharpening and Saturation
– Lens Corrections
– Applying Graduated Filters in post

We will go over all of this in a Skype session and I’ll answer any questions you may have